Jon Gainer

Send. Plant. Multiply.

It’s not just a motto – it’s a core principle! We send Christian workers and team them with local leaders. We plant churches in places where the church does not exist or is not strong enough to stand on her own. We expect churches not just to multiply in number, but also to become sending and planting churches. Sending is a complicated endeavor! We can’t expect to go into a new territory with only our U.S. training and be successful. It takes planning, prep-work, and partnerships on the ground to put new missionaries into situations in which they can effectively …

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International: Not Just Lip Service

Many times, when an American-led church plant fails in a foreign land, it is because it could not transition from American leadership to national leadership. But what if the agency that does the sending has a multi-national leadership? And what if the church plant starts with nationals in leadership? And what if the church planters partnered with locals from the project’s inception? This would make a difference!   We believe it does! It’s not that we are smarter than others. It is that, for whatever reason, God introduced us to key Christian leaders in Europe and that web of relationships …

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Carrying Us Through

This prayer request was from a team of KM missionaries working in Romania: “We are thankful that in the year 2015 we experienced God’s nearness, his carrying us through, his strength in many personal areas, his blessings on our congregational and children’s work and his protection. Please continue to pray for our team and our location.”   This kind of request, for God to “carry us through,” is a constant prayer of mine.   Thanks for praying with us!   Clay Elliott – August 2016