Rob Harris

GoConnect Big Changes!

Our GoConnect trips, internships, CrashWeekend, and partner-sponsored overseas visits for Summer 2017 have all at least begun now, and they will be winding down over the next few weeks. Some of our tripsters have already returned, and they are saying things like:   It was amazing! I’m more committed than ever to long-term missions! I’m so glad I got to go to ___________. The other places I went were fantastic, too, but ___________ totally captured my heart!   As of today, we still have people traveling between countries, participating in internships, evangelizing at English camps, and checking out potential mission

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Springtime in missions

I’ve noticed over the years that each season of the year brings with it certain patterns in what we do around here. In December and January, for example, we receive many more contacts from people who are interested in being sent as missionaries than we do in, say, June and July. It’s that way every year, and this past winter was even more full than usual of that kind of contact. Honestly, that’s my favorite time of year for this work.   Similarly, the routines of spring are about the same every year, and as soon as the Kontaktmission team meetings

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Celebrating the Father’s Mission

Dear Friends of Kontaktmission and European missions,   Years ago around Christmastime it became clear to me, and every year I’m struck by it all over again. Jesus was sent as a missionary by the Father Himself. Christmas is the beginning of world mission, just as it’s the beginning of the hope that comes through “God with us.” John 20:21 records Jesus’ words, “Peace to you! As the Father has sent me, I also send you.” (Jesus even included a blessing of peace, just like the angels did when they proclaimed, “Peace on earth, goodwill to men.”)   And Jesus’

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Great to meet you!

Hey from the stateside office of Kontaktmission,   It was fantastic to meet so many new folks at this years ICOM in Lexington, KY. We’re still digging out from it! We just unloaded the trailer today and we’re just now compiling the names of all those who came by to talk to us. It was a lot this year!   THANK YOU for spending some time meeting with us and sharing with us your mission goals and ideas. Special thanks also to those who shared a prayer request or even stayed to pray with us. We pray now your conversation

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