Freeman and Natalie Broadwell

We are Freeman and Natalie Broadwell serving in Korca, Albania. I (Natalie) am originally from Missouri, and Freeman is from Tennessee which is now our home state when we visit the United States.

We have been serving in many ways in the local church in Korca, but our main ministry is to high school and university students. Leading Bible studies and doing many activities with them.

We are also volunteers with IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students), in the states it is Intervarsity. Freeman is a mechanical engineer and the last few years has started a robotics program, 3D design, and laser cutting courses.

We have recently rented a space that we have turned into a student center, where we have board games, a coffee bar, and where Freeman will do his courses and we will have our Bible studies and other activities. We wanted to create a cool, comfortable space for students to come and hang out and where we can build relationships. Our goal is to reach students who would never step foot in a church, so we want to bring the church to them.

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Albania has only been an open country for the last 30 years and is considered a developing country. The shadow of communism still lies on those 30 years old and above, making change very slow. There is also a lot of corruption, as the former communist leaders became politicians.

The predominant religions are Islam and Orthodox, but in the next 10 years, we believe we will see a greater rise in Islam. Albanians are very hospitable and very kind. There is an interesting clash of Balkan and Eastern cultures here which makes it a very rich and interesting culture.

The young people don’t feel a lot of hope as there aren’t a lot of opportunities for work here. They all want to leave and go to America or the EU. The average daily salary here is about ten dollars.
Our work is to bring hope through the gospel to a young generation who are lost and depressed.


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Prayer Needs

  1. Pray for connections with young people.
  2. Pray for open hearts to hear and receive the message of Jesus.
  3. Pray that a generation of young people would rise up to make a change in Albania.

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It is no secret that from the very beginning of the church Christians have taken an active role in being missionaries and sending missionaries. Yet not all are called to be missionaries. (We are all called to make disciples)

Being a missionary is a calling, but have you ever considered that sending missionaries is also a calling? So what is your calling? Are you the missionary or a missionary sender?

All Kontaktmission staff live on support, meaning we believe that God will provide for his mission, through his church. We would ask for support for our student center. We have rent, electricity, and then general supplies in running the space and serving coffee. We are fully supported missionaries and can only live and serve here as long as we have support to sustain us.

Please consider joining our sending team by partnering with us in prayer and partnering with us financially.

Your partnership through committed giving meets a tremendous need.



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