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Hello! We are Daniel and Rebecca Buller! We are serving to equip aspiring ministers with biblical teaching. Our vision is that by better understanding God’s word others will find their calling and become ministers of God’s word.

Through KMUSA we are serving at the Bonn Bible Seminary, an evangelical theological seminary in Germany. Also, Daniel is preparing to serve at other institutions when there is an open door in the future.

Early on in his studies, Daniel began to love the Old Testament and decided to concentrate on this difficult part of the Bible. He loves to teach all sorts of classes that have to do with the Old Testament and with biblical languages.

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Germany: Religion without relationship leads to secularization

Germany is known for Martin Luther’s reformation and is still a country where serious theological study can be pursued. Although there may be many people who are interested in religious matters, they often have no saving relationship with Jesus Christ. In addition, currently, less than 1.3% of the population are Evangelical Christians. People are officially leaving the state churches in growing numbers every year. Sadly, as a result, Germany has become a strongly secularized, post-Christian nation.

You may be wondering what the most important thing is to the advancement of the Gospel in Germany. Our firm conviction is that the key lies in helping young Christians grow in their relationship with God and in investing in their theological training. Coming alongside young Christians to help them find their specific calling and equipping them for their lives and ministry will have a direct impact on the spread of the Gospel in Germany and beyond.

The city of Bonn is situated in the heart of Europe and is the former capital of Germany. It is surrounded by renowned universities such as the University of Bonn and the University of Cologne where tens of thousands of students live and study. Thus, Bonn is a strategic place to train the next generation of ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bonn Germany

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Effective ministry is not accomplished by an individual but by those who are humbly aware of their connection and dependence upon the body of Christ. God designed the body to work together for His purposes and His honor.

We appreciate our supporters because each one is a partner together with us for the sake of the Gospel. We rely on our partners because they have a heart for the lost across Germany and Europe.

There are two ways you can get involved. First and foremost we need partners who support us in prayer. Second, we rely on partners who support us financially. Please consider joining our support team by partnering with us in one or both of these two ways.

Prayer Needs

1. For more teaching opportunities at the Bonn Seminary and in churches across Germany.
2. For an effective preparation of Daniel's classes for the fall 2023 semester.
3. For good relationships with the students of the Bonn Seminary.
4. For stable and continued support through prayer and financial partners.

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