Our Missionaries

Kontaktmission sends missionaries all over the world. We are sending from 44 countries to 58 countries. Here are some of the missionaries sent from the United States.

Volodymyr and Tetiana Pidhornyi

Pidhornyi, Volodymyr & Tetiana

Volodymyr and Tetiana Pidhornyi Hello, we are Vova (short for Volodymyr) and Tetiana Pidhornyi. I (Vova) was born into a family of believers. I am the 9th of 10 children. I lost my parents early and married Tanya at 19. Tanya (short for Tetiana) was born in an unbelieving family, grew up without a father, and was the first in her family who came to God. We are so different, but God united us and gave us two children (Matthew and Elijah). And even before the beginning of our family life, He laid in our hearts the desire to serve […]

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David & Heather Counsellor

Counsellor, David & Heather

David & Heather Counsellor We have been married since 2009 and currently live in Middle Tennessee. We both worked for LifeWay Christian resources for over 14 years. We both came to know the Lord in our teen years and through various life experiences have forged a deeply grounded relationship with Christ. Fulfilling the great commission has been a part of our story since before we met. David went to college for World Missions and served on various mission trips prior to meeting Heather. Heather served with the IMB for three months in college as well as other international mission trips

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Didier & Abigail Casanova

Casanova, Didier & Abigail

Didier & Abigail Casanova Bonjour! We are Didier & Abigail Casanova and we live and serve in Corte, Corsica since Sept. 2019. Our desire is to see the people of Corsica come to Christ and to see an authentic Corsican church birthed forth from them. Our shared vision is to relationally connect people to God and thus we have integrated into various sectors of our community. Didier was born and raised in Corsica and came to know Christ 20 years ago. He has since served as a leader in several areas in his local church in France where he also

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Greg Saldi

Saldi, Greg & Nikki

Greg & Nikki Saldi We are the Saldi family- Greg, Nikki, and Ophelia. Our family has been serving as church planters in France since 2015. After eight years serving in the Central Region of the country, we recently moved to Fougères, Brittany to begin a new long-term work with a new church plant serving the city itself, and the rural region which surrounds it. Greg grew up in Eastern North Carolina and Nicole in Western Maryland. We met during our studies at Roanoke Bible College (Now Mid-Atlantic Christian University) in Elizabeth City, NC. Our goal is to fulfill God’s calling:

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Caleb and Kelly Bales

Bales, Caleb & Kelly

Caleb and Kelly Bales Caleb and Kelly were both profoundly changed when they met Christ in their late teens. It was around that same time as they became followers of Jesus that they went on their first individual trips to Europe; Caleb to Italy, and Kelly to England. It was then that they each saw firsthand the great spiritual neediness across Europe. They met a couple of years later, attending Central Christian College of the Bible, in Moberly, MO, following the calling pressed upon them to full-time ministry. Attracted by each other’s hearts for following God and the joy and

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