Our Missionaries

Kontaktmission sends missionaries all over the world. We are sending from 44 countries to 58 countries. Here are some of the missionaries sent from the United States.

Nick and Jes Tuttle

Tuttle, Nick & Jes

Nick and Jes Tuttle We (Nick and Jes) were married in 2001 and have been doing ministry together ever since. Our four children, Israel, Isaac, Bella, and Braelyn have been raised in ministry, usually youth, and are an incredible asset to our current ministry. Israel will be attending Ozark Bible College in Joplin Missouri this next August. Isaac and Bella are both aspiring artists and Braelyn wants to either work as either a primary teacher or something in the medical field so she can help people. Since we’ve been doing ministry in the US for over 20 years and our […]

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Stefan and Daniela Frank

Frank, Stefan & Daniela

Stefan & Daniela Frank Check out our videos! Our videos As a German family, we have been on the road as missionaries in beautiful Madagascar since 2021. Stefan is a business economist and Nela is a trained occupational therapist. Together with our four children Jamila, Jaro, Philine, and Salome, we have dared the adventure and it is on our hearts to bring the gospel coupled with practical help to the poorest of the poor in Madagascar. We want to serve here for several years and invest in the local people. Support the Franks! GIVE BY CREDIT CARD Monthly Electronic Debit

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Ute Olschowy

Olschowy, Ute

Ute Olschowy At the age of 14, I already had the dream of working in Bible translation and literacy in Africa. After university, studying linguistics and theology, my life initially took a different turn: starting and raising a family, and becoming a gallery owner. Then in 2016, I first spent a vacation in Ethiopia, and started working with the Tsaara people. The dream was starting to become reality. Together with the NGO “Wycliffe Ethiopia Bible Translation”, we are now striving to make a way for Bible translation and mother tongue education for the Tsaara. An alphabet and first reading materials have

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Seybold, Brett

Brett & Heather Seybold My wife Heather and I have two amazing daughters; Fiona who is 17 and Noelle who is about to turn 13. They were both born in Germany while we served there for about a decade. Heather works as a German teacher at a local high school in Mt. Juliet, TN where we reside. I manage KAPOL which consists of much evangelism, mentoring, traveling & speaking, writing, providing resources for Christians & congregations internationally, and engaging in many lengthy dialogues with many people from diverse backgrounds and faiths. Fiona enjoys Cross Country, working on her car, hanging

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Charles and Emily Coonce

Coonce, Charles and Emily

Charles & Emily Coonce Hello, we are Charles and Emily Coonce. Emily grew up outside of Denver, CO, and I am from the dusty fields of Southern Illinois. We met through Ozark Christian College! Our first overseas experience, and first cross-cultural ministry opportunity was working in the rugged youth camps of Russia for a summer–for our honeymoon. After that year Emily and I lived in Germany for 7 months to learn about full-time mission work as interns during our undergrad. Living in Germany opened our eyes to the desperate need for ministry work in the West–something we were never told

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