Hellemann, Andrea

Andrea Hellemann I am a missionary who originally comes for Germany, but I am thankful for a season of time in the United States when I connected deeply with my sending church, Abingdon Bible Church, in Abingdon, Virginia. Right now, I am working in Tanzania amongst children/street children who are addicted to drugs. Since 2004 I have been working with children/street children, but in recent years, it has been harder to help them since the age that these children are starting on drugs is getting younger and younger. There is no help for children under the age of 18 to …

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Jesus in the Ordinary

Jesus in the Ordinary What does a missionary do? There are of course a ton of possible answers to that question. One might say evangelize, preach, teach, provide humanitarian assistance, translate, and a myriad of other things. Missionaries often do a combination of all those things. Yet, there are some parts of being a missionary that we don’t normally think about. I recently returned from a 6-week trip to Mexico where I lived and served with a missionary family. I took this trip as an opportunity to gain practical ministry experience to help prepare me for my future long-term missionary service …

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Fishel, Ryan and Simona

Ryan and Simona Fishel Hi! We’re Ryan & Simona Fishel, a family of 6, and missionaries in Lithuania. I’m from Las Vegas and my wife’s from a small town here in Lithuania, where we currently have a church plant. We moved here in 2016, and what motivates us? We established the only evangelical church in our area. If we’re not here, the gospel doesn’t get preached. Simple as that and we love it. In addition to that, as missionaries, our focus was always on church planting, and we never really sought to do “social work” — we’re definitely not social …

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Daniel and Rebekah Hodges

Hodges, Daniel and Rebekah

Daniel and Rebekah Hodges We are the Hodges family! Daniel and Rebekah met at Columbia International University where they both took classes in Bible, ministry, and missions. After graduation, they were married and were blessed with 3 wonderful kids in the first few years of marriage. During that time, Daniel was working on his continued education, culminating with doctoral work at Dallas Theological Seminary. There, he learned of the need for evangelical Bible professors in Europe, especially in Germany. We began taking steps to follow God’s call and meet that need! We have a passion for equipping church leaders to …

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prayer, hands, church-2544994.jpg

Prayer Thought – Meditating on Christ

MEDITATING ON CHRIST Being a person of prayer takes more than merely praying. It requires deeply meditating on God’s Word, His character, His purpose in different and oftentimes difficult situations. Knowing this, and being someone who desires to make many of these things a priority, I have found a beautiful truth about Jesus that is applicable here. After Christ’s resurrection, Jesus had His pick of doing anything He desired…any position, any “job” if you will. And do you know what He chose to do? Out of everything in this world, Jesus chose to pray for us, His people (Heb. 7:24-25). …

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