Marc and Laura Smith

Smith, Marc & Laura

Marc and Laura Smith Marc and Laura have been serving in Germany. Laura is an American and Marc is from Germany. Laura has been serving in Germany since 2014. Marc and Laura met in 2018 while working in the same local outreach in Freiburg, Germany. A few years later, a relationship developed and they got married, with a vision to serve and live God’s Kingdom together. Laura uses her music training to teach and lead worship, as well as to connect with and reach classical musicians. Marc studied IT and seeks to live his faith in the workplace with his […]

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Ervin Mittelmann

Mittelmann, Ervin & Mary

Ervin & Mary Mittelmann I (Ervin) grew up without knowing God despite my Jewish heritage from my father and Catholic background from my mother. Raised by deaf parents. I was a lost boy. At 19 I found Jesus and dedicated my life to Him. After this, I pursued theological studies and became passionate about seeing the lost come to Jesus. My wife Mary and I were married in 2004 and we have 2 children: Filip, 18, and Miriam, 15. I’ve been a pastor for 16 years, leading Mozaika church, which was founded, and I’m part of Slovakia’s church planting network:

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Phil and Jodie Mehrens

Mehrens, Phil and Jodie

Phil and Jodie Mehrens We (Phil and Jodie) have been in full time worship ministry and teaching for over 40 years. Phil is a songwriter as well. We also have been leaders in the Pastors Prayer movement. In 2023 the Lord called us to leave the located ministry and begin a new adventure ministering in Albania in the city of Elbasan along side our daughter and son-in-law (Sean and Laura Carney). We are helping with worship, communication with businesses and churches, media, maintenance and construction projects at Life Spring Church in Elbasan. We also plan to be available to travel

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David Small

Small, David

David Small – Jungle Discipleship School Dave Small is the leader of the Jungle Discipleship School in Burma. Dave originally comes from Canada but spent more than a decade working as a missionary in Burma and South East Asia. The Jungle Discipleship School was founded on the belief that people need a place where they can learn how to grow deeper in a true relationship with God, even if that means in the middle of a war zone. Deep in the jungle of Burma is a small discipleship school where our students come for a 10-month school year with one

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Mittelstädt Ciprian & Irina

Mittelstädt, Ciprian & Irina

Ciprian and Irina Mittelstädt We are a family of nine, my wife Irina 38, and our seven children Nathan eleven, Noemi ten, Jonas eight, Eric and Noah six, Luca two, and Sarah two months. I, Ciprian, was born in Romania in a nonchristian family, and by the age of fifteen, I was addicted to porn, got into drinking and at one time I even thought of taking my own life but at the age of sixteen I got to know Jesus as my Lord and savior and he changed my life completely and I’m grateful for everything He’s done in

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