My Giftedness (or Lack Thereof)

My heroes have always been missionaries. (Okay, I admit that is just an altered line from a Willie Nelson song.) Whether it be Hudson Taylor pioneering in China, or Lilly Trasher in Egypt or Amy Carmichael in China or Brother Andrew in smuggling into many countries or Bruchko in Columbia… I love these stories. They inspire and motivate me. But…   But when it comes to going, I think I know my gifts (and lack of gifts.) When I think of mission fields, I don’t relish the thought of me and my 50-year-old-man-bladder pulling over on the side of a […]

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Missions or Benevolence?

My first mission trips were to economically challenged places – Haiti (twice), rural Missouri and Oklahoma. I guess I began to see “missions” as something done in poverty stricken areas. “Missions” involved feeding the hungry and building schools or providing medical care as well as sharing the Gospel. I’m a fairly sensitive guy, so my heart would break for those we served. I enjoyed doing things when we could see a difference at the end of the week: help build a dental clinic in Haiti, paint the house of an elderly couple or single mom, work at a food bank.

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I Know Enough to Know I Don’t Know

I’m an American, doggone it! I was a youth minister at a megachurch for over a decade. I’ve been to dozens of other megachurches. I’m currently an elder at a megachurch. For the past five years, I’ve worked with a mission agency that plants churches in Europe. I think I know how to plant and grow a church! (I think I know a lot of things.)   However, when I cross the Atlantic, I find I don’t know anything. I can barely get around the airport. It’s difficult to order a meal. I can’t figure out why Germans are so

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The GoConnect Process

Application -Check our trips options and talk with us about goals and vision for your trip -Application form & deposit -Prayer for trip details and the people you will meet   Pre-Field -Begin financial support raising (we teach you how to do this) -Finalize trip details -Prayer for support and your supporters   Crash Weekend -Weekend of cultural & spiritual preparation in Germany in early summer -Orientation to KM -Fellowship and prayer with other GoConnect tripsters from many countries   On-Field (the GoConnect Trip itself) -Serve with a team of international missionaries, learn, ask a million questions -Prayerfully experience true

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Doing Things the European Way…in Europe

How should churches be planted in Europe? Nothing fails quicker than an American-cultured church that’s been planted in another part of the world. What works in the U.S. works because it is from and for this culture. Partly because Kontaktmission was started in Europe by Europeans, we are successfully planting churches there.   Kontaktmission is a European mission organization. In our case this doesn’t simply mean that we work in Europe, but rather:   we started in Europe with Europeans going to other European countries most of our workers are Europeans we have expertise and extensive experience in Europe, and

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