Mission Internships

You want to see how God is moving in Europe... but don’t know how to start. Let us help you explore real cross-cultural ministry

GoConnect trips put you in the center of European ministry and culture.

Each trip is custom designed to connect you to missionaries doing effective ministry in one or more locations. Your GoConnect trip will be the perfect opportunity for you to meet and serve alongside multinational missionary teams, and to see up close how God is working in the spiritually desolate fields of Europe.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed...

We break down your process of going on a short-term trip into steps, so it’s not so complex and doesn’t feel intimidating. To make your GoConnect experience a great one, we’ll walk with you every step along the way. Like you, we want your trip to be effective, both for you and for the team or teams you’ll serve with.


GoConnect Trips are for ministry-minded people like you!

If you are over 18 and have an active relationship with Jesus, if you want to engage in Christ-centered ministry in a cross-cultural setting, and if you want to get connected to actual mission work, then a GoConnect trip is for you. You’ll get connected with Kontaktmission’s international team and our ministry principles and core values that make us effective in Europe.

Why go with GoConnect?!

  • Each trip is customized for you or your group and can include multiple locations because of the small geographical size of Europe
  • GoConnect trips work with our international teams (not just Americans), so they show you what real missions is like in Europe with leaders from other cultures
  • Trips can be two weeks or 10 months, or even longer, depending on your needs and goals
  • GoConnect and Kontaktmission international leadership will work with your college for internship credit
  • Kontaktmission helps you every step of the way in preparation for your trip, including support raising guidance, field orientation, and after-trip follow-up.

Ready to jump into your GoConnect trip planning?


“I wanted to find my God-given purpose, I felt God calling me to go. I feel like short-term missions are a must for any believer, and God has allowed us to be part of His mission. When you join God in His pursuit to love the world you get to experience a new and deeper relationship with Christ.”

FAQ – Other things you probably want to know:

Each trip is customized, so each trip cost is a little different. We will discuss budget and costs when we discuss your trip. We are very committed to trying to keep the costs down as much as possible and we do not make money on your trip! We also encourage everyone who participates in our GoConnect program to raise support for his or her trip. Support-raising is an important part of short term missions, as it allows others around you to be involved in mission and your life and calling. They’ll support you not only financially but also prayerfully. We have support-raising materials and also training. Let us help you!

Yes, we are a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our tax ID number is: 86-0983324. We process your donations and provide your donors receipts, so they can receive their tax deductions. We also help you keep track of what donations have come in for your trip. Our business office sends a file with each donation you receive, along with information like the address and phone number of each donor, so you can thank them easily!

We do have an application and reference forms, but we actually recommend you speak with us first, before completing and submitting them. We know the personal touch of conversation with real people is more pleasant and much more efficient for this purpose than even our paperwork. So let’s talk first, maybe even a couple of times, and then we'll get those forms from you. There is a $75.00 deposit required to secure your spot in our GoConnect program. (Married Couples only need to pay one fee per couple) This should be sent in with the application.

GoConnect & Internship Applications >

Europe has a population of over 750 million, of which 97.5% are not Christ-followers. That means over 730 million Europeans have no saving relationship with Jesus! Because of our European teammates, we have learned to keep the cost down and speed up the process of solid church planting. The Bible has already been translated into virtually all European languages. Almost every country is open to missionaries. And Europe is a great place to reach out to Muslims.

YES! We love customizing GoConnect trips according to your interests, gifts and goals! We believe it’s important to take into consideration what you want to do and we are here to help make your vision happen. We have teams in about 50 countries, so there are many options! This can mean you visit multiple countries over, say, 8 weeks to experience a whole range of ministries, or you could connect to a ministry network in a single city for 4 months to experience how God is working and learn how you can get involved. Each trip is individualized and unique.

Experience tells us you can benefit most by first talking with our GoConnect staff in person or on the phone. This allows us to quickly ask some questions about you and your vision for your trip and easily answer your most pressing questions. We’ve noticed these calls tend to clear up lots of confusion very quickly! Then we can start planning details. So contact us through the website or send us an email, and we’ll set up a time to speak with you. Looking forward to it!

Most trips begin in Wüstenrot, Germany, where you will spend time with our leaders at our headquarters at our annual CrashKurs (or Crash Weekend). This is an extraordinary orientation event that brings people from all over who are interested in mission for a time of preparation and training for your cross-cultural experience. The CrashKurs is a weekend-long event that incorporates fellowship, prayer, and worship with Kontaktmission's international leadership as well as others like you, who are also embarking on GoConnect trips and internships. This event is led and translated in both German and English. From the CrashKurs you will travel to your host country and meet our missionaries to begin your GoConnect trip.

Internships are for college credit or for personal growth and learning. They are usually eight weeks or longer. If you are needing an internship for college credit, be sure to contact our office directly. In general, all lengths of trips and multiple locations are possible. 

YES! Kontaktmission is dedicated to ensuring your GoConnect trip is effective and transformative. A debrief is a useful tool provided to all of our tripsters to help you process everything that happened during your trip. To get started with the debrief process here is a helpful form that we will use to facilitate further conversation with your trip leader. https://www.gokmusa.org/goconnect-trip-debrief-questionnaire/

Ready to begin setting up your GoConnect Trip or internship?




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