Here is an update from the Saldis serving in France!

What has been going on in your ministry in the past several months?

Our small church has tried to maintain a regular schedule of meeting and praying together. We’ve seen some difficult situations come! Sicknesses, and trials… but God has answered prayer for people in and around us. A few months ago we started a “Values small group” (translation) which asks non-Christians to come together around a meal, discuss common values they have, and see where the Bible meets (or doesn’t meet) them. It’s been great to have 4-5 people regularly meeting. 

What exciting things do you have planned for your ministry in the next few months?

We will be moving to a new church plant in a new city in a year. While this is exciting, it means the next few months will be full of seeing how God’s Spirit moves local people to grasp the church as their own. 

Do you have any stories about God making an impact in the community around you?

We have a guy who comes to church sometimes, who has been very difficult. He has been a Christian believer for a long time but has had a divorce and health problems, and he just generally isn’t pleasant. We’ve seen God change his heart, and now he is a man who searches after God first and doesn’t allow his past to kill his faith. 

How can we pray for your ministry?

Pray for our move. Pray also for our daughter, who is often the only person her age (or part of a very small group) who is around for church activities. We can see how this has an effect on her. 

What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue ministry? What if they want to come to your country?

Learn French, go slow, ask lots of questions, don’t pull yourself out of culture, engage it!

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