Brett & Heather Seybold

My wife Heather and I have two amazing daughters; Fiona who is 17 and Noelle who is about to turn 13. They were both born in Germany while we served there for about a decade. Heather works as a German teacher at a local high school in Mt. Juliet, TN where we reside.

I manage KAPOL which consists of much evangelism, mentoring, traveling & speaking, writing, providing resources for Christians & congregations internationally, and engaging in many lengthy dialogues with many people from diverse backgrounds and faiths.

Fiona enjoys Cross Country, working on her car, hanging out with her friends, and pretty much anything that requires mechanical inclination and artistic ability. Noelle also enjoys spending time with her friends, and track & field, but she is most at home on the soccer pitch where she plays with the Wilson United 2010 girls' travel club.

As a family, we have also been blessed to have traveled extensively together. I enjoy reading, gardening, fishing, and fitness.


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Apologetics in many languages with KAPOL

KAPOL-Brett Seibold

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KAPOL - Kontakt Apologetics has 3 main aspects: Personal Evangelism, Training Christians & Congregations, and Cultural Engagement.

At the personal Evangelism level, we pursue conversations that count, that hopefully turn into dialogues of difference, and eventually relationships that redeem. Most of the training of Christians and Congregations in Apologetics consists of preaching, seminars, resourcing, and encouragement. The cultural engagement aspect of KAPOL consists mainly of our short apologetic videos designed to stand up to the scrutiny of academic skeptics.

These videos feature multiple Christian scholars and we strive to have them translated and recorded in as many languages as possible (currently 16) with our main focus on the post-Christian world (Europe & North America). If your congregation, small group, youth group, Christian service camp or retreat is looking for a guest speaker please feel free to reach out to me Brett.

We are also truly blessed by the work of our videographer Christy Graves who travels much for us to record our videos in multiple languages.


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It is no secret that from the very beginning of the church Christians have taken an active role in being missionaries and sending missionaries. Yet not all are called to be missionaries. (We are all called to make disciples)

Being a missionary is a calling, but have you ever considered that sending missionaries is also a calling? So what is your calling? Are you the missionary or a missionary sender?

All Kontaktmission staff live on support, meaning we believe that God will provide for his mission, through his church.

Please consider joining our sending team by partnering with us in prayer and partnering with us financially.

Prayer Needs

  1. For open doors for God's word.
  2. That God would use our videos to reach many people around the globe.
  3. For more speaking engagements.
  4. For more prayer and financial partners

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