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Dave Small is the leader of the Jungle Discipleship School in Burma. Dave originally comes from Canada but spent more than a decade working as a missionary in Burma and South East Asia.

The Jungle Discipleship School was founded on the belief that people need a place where they can learn how to grow deeper in a true relationship with God, even if that means in the middle of a war zone.

Deep in the jungle of Burma is a small discipleship school where our students come for a 10-month school year with one goal, deepening their relationship with God. We want every student to leave the school with a true understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and walk that path for the rest of their lives.

David Small

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Burma is home to the world’s longest ongoing civil war. For more than 75 years, the country has been at war. The war took a bloody turn on Feb 1 2021 when the military leaders overthrew the government in a coup. This led the entire country to all-out war, economic standstill, and chaos. Thousands have been killed, and millions displaced, as ground assaults and airstrikes happen daily. One of the early Burma Army generals had a vision for Burma: one nation, one language, one religion. So if you’re not a Burman ethnic, and if you don’t speak Burmese dialects, and if you’re not a Buddhist, then you were the enemy.

This mentality still exists among many Burma Army leaders. Most NGOs, aid organizations, and ministries in Burma shut down and evacuated their people after the coup. But there is also a hunger in Burma for the gospel. We have given out more Bibles since the coup than at any other time before. We have seen more people wanting to know Jesus, get baptized, and give their lives to following Him.

The people here want Truth, Freedom, Love, and Hope, and they find it all in the gospel of Jesus. Every day people face death, every single person knows someone who has died in the war, and questions of faith and the afterlife and what happens to your soul when you die, are common and understandable.


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It is no secret that from the very beginning of the church Christians have taken an active role in being missionaries and sending missionaries. Yet not all are called to be missionaries. (We are all called to make disciples)

Being a missionary is a calling, but have you ever considered that sending missionaries is also a calling? So what is your calling? Are you the missionary or a missionary sender?

There are many ways to help, monthly recurring financial gifts help us with stability and planning - but in the early days of the school we have big financial needs, please pray and consider supporting something like building a dorm, food, a toilet, school supplies and uniforms, music equipment, vehicles, etc.. Right now our students sleep in hammocks under tarps. We eat rice and black bean paste and anything we can find or hunt in the jungle. We have school on the ground under a tarp. As money comes in, we can build things. But we grow and build as God leads.

Prayer Needs

1. please pray for the leadership, staff, and students of the Jungle Discipleship School (JDS). Pray they can all be in deep personal relationships with Jesus.

2. Pray for the great financial needs of the school and the people the school supports. Pray God's provision is abundant and a way for our students to see God's hand at work.

3. Pray for good relationships between the JDS and local ethnic groups and authorities, and other groups working in Burma. Pray we can be a light and encouragement and friend to all we meet.

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