Jared and Elizabeth Crabtree

Crabtree, Jared & Elizabeth

Jared and Elizabeth Crabtree Hi! We’re the Crabtrees: Jared, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Ally, and Mackensley. Since March 2021, we’ve lived and served in Pforzheim, Germany. This is a city in the Southwest with 125,000 people representing over 140 different nationalities. Our vision is to plant a doctrinally sound church where people in Germany can worship together in unity regardless of their cultural background. This requires a lot of relationship-building. Any given weekday, you’ll find us leading intercultural small group Bible studies, building community through our partner church’s afterschool program for immigrant children, hosting people from all over the world, and helping …

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Freeman and Natalie Broadwell

Broadwell, Freeman & Natalie

Freeman and Natalie Broadwell We are Freeman and Natalie Broadwell serving in Korca, Albania. I (Natalie) am originally from Missouri, and Freeman is from Tennessee which is now our home state when we visit the United States. We have been serving in many ways in the local church in Korca, but our main ministry is to high school and university students. Leading Bible studies and doing many activities with them. We are also volunteers with IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students), in the states it is Intervarsity. Freeman is a mechanical engineer and the last few years has started a …

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Daniel and Rebecca Buller

Buller, Daniel & Rebecca

Daniel & Rebecca Buller Hello! We are Daniel and Rebecca Buller! We are serving to equip aspiring ministers with biblical teaching. Our vision is that by better understanding God’s word others will find their calling and become ministers of God’s word. Through KMUSA we are serving at the Bonn Bible Seminary, an evangelical theological seminary in Germany. Also, Daniel is preparing to serve at other institutions when there is an open door in the future. Early on in his studies, Daniel began to love the Old Testament and decided to concentrate on this difficult part of the Bible. He loves …

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Urtan Kollonata

Kollonata, Urtan

Urtan & Elsida Kollonata Hello! We are Urtan and Elsida. We live in Korce, Albania with our three children: Serena, 9, Isabel, 6, and Jonathan, 2. Urtan was born and raised in Korce, while Elsida was born in Fier. For years we have been dedicated to serving in the church with the great desire to make disciples for Christ and to reach the lost. Our family is passionate about seeing the kingdom of God come into the lives of the people we work with within the community. Korca is one of the largest cities in Albania with a population of …

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Prayer Thought: Don’t Dare to Compare

Prayer Thought: Don’t Dare to Compare “God gave you your own race to run, stop comparing yourself to other people. They have their race and you have yours. Run hard and don’t quit.”  -LaCrae As the saying goes, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” That can certainly be true in one sense, but also a load of garbage in another. Let me explain.  WE all have people in our lives that we’ve looked up to. Whether it’s someone famous, a parent, a teacher, a pastor, a married couple etc. In all of these examples there are qualities in these …

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