Ryan and Simona Fishel

Hi! We're Ryan & Simona Fishel, a family of 6, and missionaries in Lithuania. I'm from Las Vegas and my wife's from a small town here in Lithuania, where we currently have a church plant.

We moved here in 2016, and what motivates us? We established the only evangelical church in our area. If we're not here, the gospel doesn't get preached. Simple as that and we love it.

In addition to that, as missionaries, our focus was always on church planting, and we never really sought to do "social work" -- we're definitely not social workers -- but our church quickly filled with children with rough, rough backgrounds. Our focus often spreads to meet both the spiritual and physical needs here.

If you're looking to advance Christ's kingdom, you can join us with prayer, giving financially, or coming to serve. You've got a good selection there.

Fishel, Ryan and Simona

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Lithuania is a "post-Communist" country. It used to be a part of the USSR. In 1991 it was the first country to break away from Russian rule and establish itself as a free country.

During Russian times there were underground churches -- including in our own town. Our current church building was used as an underground church and was persecuted by the KGB (the Secret Police). But with that breakaway from Russia, missionaries from Germany, Canada, and the U.S. came with Bibles, preaching the gospel freely.

Our town Joniškis, when we came, had two small Bible-believing groups, a Baptist group, and a "Free Christian" group. Both were praying for a local pastor, and it was these two groups that, thank the Lord, we were able to unite and establish as an official church plant. Again, we are the only gospel-preaching church in our entire area.


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It is no secret that from the very beginning of the church Christians have taken an active role in being missionaries and sending missionaries. Yet not all are called to be missionaries. (We are all called to make disciples)

Please, join Simona and me in our work here in Lithuania. We need support of all kinds -- prayer, finances, muscle, encouragement, resources, teams, and prayer. We need it all so whatever you consider best to help here, we'd love a partnership with you.

Prayer Needs

  1. Please, pray for God to continue to mature believers here, and that we fulfill our callings and grow in our various local ministries.
  2. Please, pray for us as we reach unbelievers, that we have courage, wisdom, and favor as we share the gospel of Christ Jesus.
  3. Please, pray for many of the children our church works with, pray for their salvation and the salvation of their families (often single mothers), and the resources we need to show compassion to them in their physical needs.

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