You’re sure God wants to use you, maybe in Europe. What now?

You’ll work alongside KM leadership to clarify the details of your calling.

You’re looking for all kinds of information, and we’ve got it for you. You’ll also get the help you need to sort through the emotions and the thought processes, so you can get real clarity about your calling and other questions. Then you can move confidently to effectiveness as a cross-cultural servant. International teams of European mission workers are already serving on location with KM, and many are just looking and hoping for someone like you to join them. We’d love to help you get connected with them.

Local European Leaders and You.

We work with local Europeans in every country and project. This makes your future mission team with us intentionally international. Think about it… You can see that working with a team that includes locals makes sense for ministering effectively on location in Europe! You’ll learn to use the language correctly for ministry. You won’t miss out on cultural cues and you’ll be able to steer clear of cultural missteps.

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Avoid Pitfalls - Leverage Local Experience.

Our European leadership has experience and success in church planting and evangelism in complex, sophisticated European cultures. You’ll be working with people who know how it works. Kontaktmission IS European, so we naturally do things the locally European way, because that’s what works in Europe! By using the experience of European leaders, your local team can avoid major pitfalls and hit the ground running.

Local Teams Freed Up to Make Decisions

We believe each local mission team should be responsible and have the authority to make big decisions that affect its own work. This means KM’s experienced leadership is there to help and guide you, but isn’t forcing its will on your local mission team about which methods to use. Local decision-making results naturally in mission methods and structures that just make sense. You'll quickly learn to love the freedom and the partnership for the gospel with your team and with other KM leaders.

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Team up internationally with KM and begin serving the Lord effectively in Europe.

We would like to invite you to connect with our US Director, Rob Harris to talk more about teaming up.


“Kontaktmission helped us meet the fantastic local French church-planting team we serve with."
- Greg and Nikki Saldi


Experience tells us you can benefit most by first talking with a member of our sending staff in person or on the phone. This allows us to quickly ask some questions about you and easily answer your most pressing questions. We’ve noticed these calls tend to clear up lots of confusion very quickly! So contact us through the website or send us an email, and we’ll set up a time to speak with you. Looking forward to it!

We do have an application and reference forms, but we actually prefer you speak with us first, before completing and submitting them. We know the personal touch of conversation with real people is more pleasant and much more efficient for this purpose than even our excellent paperwork. So let’s talk first, maybe even a couple times, and we’ll send along all the paperwork you need to fill out.

Absolutely! You can be put in direct contact with some of our team members already serving in Europe so you can ask your general questions about teaming with KM, and also about specifics of their work and life. In fact, once you have worked with us to determine where you wish to serve, you can even get in contact with potential team leaders in that location, or multiple locations.

Yes, all KM team members are supported by individuals and churches, which stand behind the work with prayer and finances. You’ll go through our excellent support-raising training course, and then receive support from our staff throughout the entire process. If done right, this process will become one of the most “blessed” experiences of your life. Our business office then handles the donations and pays your salary in the most economical and fitting way for your location and situation. You will not need a traditional forwarding agent. We have options for employing our team members in different countries. For US-based employees, we issue W-2’s and pay in estimated payroll taxes as required by the US tax code, but it’s possible you’ll be paid through another country.

Yes, please see the following links. But remember to talk with us in person about your vision for ministry and your specific questions!

Our Core Values
Our Statement of Faith

In addition to the ground level of missionary care, which is provided through local team leadership and structure, we have a truly excellent missionary care team led by an expert missionary counselor with many years of experience. The internationally-based team also offers Biblical Counseling and lay pastoring through field visits and deeper engagement. The goal of our missionary care efforts is for our missionaries to be spiritually and emotionally healthy, and to serve in God-honoring ways in line with their callings.

Join us to spread the love of Jesus in Europe



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