Marian & Maria Kozak

We are German missionaries from Kontaktmission who have been working as church planters in Lithuania since 2003. We serve in Alytus, the sixth-largest city in Lithuania, where there are only four evangelical churches. Alytus has about 76,500 inhabitants including the county. After studying language and culture, we moved to Alytus, where we started from 0. After a few years, a small church was established through evangelism. In the meantime, the church is officially registered and we are part of a Lithuanian church federation.

My task has therefore shifted somewhat from church planter to pastor. Nevertheless, we are very active in evangelism. We have three children (two of whom are now of age and our oldest daughter is studying management).

We are motivated by God's love for a man to not only share the Gospel with others in a timely and relevant way but also to train them in the faith through discipleship in our church. We reach out to church-distant people through evangelistic concerts, seminars, and participation in various events.

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Hill of Crosses - Fishels in Lithuania

Struggling against cultural Christianity in Lithuania

With a population of about 2.8 million, Lithuania is the southernmost country in the Baltic region. The vast majority of the inhabitants are Catholics, but they do not actively practice their faith. Catholicism has become a part of Lithuanian culture. The number of evangelical Christians in Lithuania is estimated at about 0.8%. Many evangelical churches are currently experiencing stagnation, i.e. they are not growing but rather becoming smaller. In southern Lithuania (where we serve), free churches are considered a sect and do not have a good reputation in general society. (Through our migrant ministry we are perceived as a positive community both by the local municipality and in the city).


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It is no secret that from the very beginning of the church Christians have taken an active role in being missionaries and sending missionaries. Yet not all are called to be missionaries. (we are all called to make disciples)

Being a missionary is a calling, but have you ever considered that sending missionaries is also a calling? So what is your calling are you the missionary or a missionary sender?

All Kontaktmission staff live on support, meaning we believe that God will provide for his mission, through his church.

Please consider joining our sending team by partnering with us in prayer and partnering with us financially.

Prayer Needs

  1. We are looking for co-workers (who are willing to learn the Lithuanian language and culture) who can help us in the church-building work.
  2. We are looking for prayer partners because we know the power of prayer especially in missions.
  3. Finally, we are also looking for a support team (because there are many ways to reach people with the Gospel, but often it simply fails because of the lack of finances we can raise for it)

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