Welcome to the team!

Whether you are new to our team or have been around the block for a while we are glad you are part of the Kontaktmission family.

Any veteran missionary will tell you that in just about every part of the ministry you are communicating in one way or another. But often missionaries fail to communicate who we are to our supporters. We want to fix this.

Kontatkmission wants every one of our missionaries to have a webpage where those interested in partnering with us can connect with our story and with the country in which we serve.

We recommend you also have a social media page for your ministry, but having a web page to direct those interested in your ministry to will legitimize your ministry and hopefully give you an easy way to present yourself to the world.

Here's an example of what a finished page looks like... https://www.gokmusa.org/gainers/

This is an absolutely free service so don't pass it up!

Get started on your page by filling out the form below.

In 5-10 sentences, tell about the country that you will be serving in. What are the demographics, what are the people like, what are the needs. See the sample text above.
Write 3 - 4 prayer requests that your donors can use in their daily prayer times.
Each page has a standard request for financial partnership, if you would like something different you can place it here. See the sample text above.
If you have a video that will give your partners a better understanding of you ministry, place the YouTube or Vimeo link here.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 4 files.
This would be a good place for a family photo, it will be at the top of your page. You can upload more than one photo, we will do our best to make them fit.
We want this page to work for you effectively, if there is something you would like to add to make it better don't hesitate to ask.
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