Rob Harris From the directorWe're excited to kick off 2023 by introducing Keeping in Kontakt, a newsletter from Kontaktmission USA’s base team. You are an essential part of our network and we feel it’s important that you know how God is working through Kontaktmission to expand His kingdom. These letters will help keep you in the loop by telling you about KM and what we do as a ministry. We hope you enjoy this issue of Keeping in Kontakt! Read it, share it, and engage with us by writing back!

I want to start this newsletter by encouraging you with a couple important thoughts. The first one is this… missions works, and missions is working right now, all around the world. Statistics and studies show it to be true! We shouldn’t be surprised, the Great Commission IS the plan Jesus instituted for bringing the world, right?

Here’s another encouraging thought… Kontaktmission is growing, everywhere you look. It doesn’t go without saying that a mission organization or network should be growing these days. After all, this is an era in which we constantly read all kinds of troubling reports… Christianity itself feels like it’s under siege, the church feels like it’s shrinking back, and the gospel message seems like it’s nearly drowned out by a million other, much lesser messages.  But, in fact, that’s not the case for us. 

Here’s the way it stands, just so you know… Kontaktmission USA is growing, Kontaktmission international is growing, and we see churches growing and new ones being planted in lots of locations across Europe and beyond. In Ukraine, where there’s still trouble for sure, the Kingdom of God is growing mightily (read more about that below). In Western Europe, though the numbers may still seem small and weak, there is real, measurable growth over time. 

The gospel must go out, and we’re taking it, no matter what. So let’s all be sure to keep our chins up around the home fires, and let’s keep sending, planting, and multiplying the gospel and the church in Europe and beyond. Missions still works, and missions is working right now.


of all Europeans have no relationship with Jesus Christ.

Kontaktmission is a networked mission movement empowering Christians worldwide to live out their God-given callings, and sending them out for the building up of His church.

We've discovered that our "international idea" of connecting people and ministries opens doors for the gospel helps avoid common mistakes, and makes missions much more effective.

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