Our Prayer Vision

PRAYER. What is it good for?

Does God hear me? It’s estimated the average Christian prays a mere 3 ½ minutes per day! Yet prayer connects you to the heart of God. You have the most incredible opportunity to approach God, to be before Him in prayer! Not only does He hear you, He even longs to be with you. Prayer is HUGE! It’s one of the most underutilized spiritual forces you have in your arsenal.

At Kontaktmission we believe in the power unleashed by God’s praying people. You have the opportunity to play a major part in advancing the gospel message to Europe and beyond. The bleak spiritual situation in Europe has to change, and your prayer is the most essential and most effective answer.

Maybe you feel like you don’t know how to pray. Let us help with that! You can easily be part of our Public Prayer Team and stay at the front lines of Jesus-centered mission work!!! Join us and pray for the lost – and for KM’s team – in Europe!

Real change happens when God’s people spend time on their knees “before Him in prayer.” 1 Jn. 5:14

Help us cover Europe and our work in prayer – All of it!

Pray With Us, and Take it Seriously!

By Clay Elliott

PRAYER! This word conjures up a myriad of different thoughts and emotions. For you, maybe you’ve come to realize prayer is the most incredible way to approach your loving Heavenly Father. It’s almost second nature for you to spend devoted time in God’s presence, fully aware that not only does He hear you, but He answers your most intimate requests. Max Lucado would say that you are in the PGA-Prayer Giants Association! WOW, we would love to have you praying for our international team of missionaries!

But first things first… maybe you’re not in the PGA just yet. Let us encourage you! Think of it… Devoting serious time to prayer allows you to be in the very presence of God. As you’re praying, you connect with the very Heart of God. We may not be able to understand ALL of His character, but the more we come into His presence, the deeper our love and affection for Him become! “When we genuinely experience His presence, we find it so incredible that everything else seems empty and meaningless by comparison (Paul Covert, Threshold pg 10).”

Prayer Wimp or Prayer Champ

For still others, even the mere concept of prayer is elusive. Your mind starts wandering to 500 other places. Details and deadlines of the day creep in while you attempt to talk to God. Time management always seems to be an issue, so that by the time you do get around to praying, you’re half asleep. Instead of the PGA, you’re (and here I mean ME) part of the PWA-Prayer Wimps Anonymous!

Maybe you can relate to some of these…

  • Feeling distant from God

  • Questioning, sometimes, whether He even hears you at all

  • Thinking, “If God already knows everything, and He’s going to answer the way HE desires, why do I need to pray in the first place?”

  • Feeling the weight and guilt of your sin robbing you of intimate time with your Heavenly Father (who you actually know loves you and desires to be with you)

  • Buying into the lie that you somehow have to “clean yourself up” before approaching a Holy God

If you have had any of these questions and a host of others, you’re not alone by any means!

Are you ready to stop being a Prayer Wimp? You don’t have to be perfect to come to God with your struggles, anger, depression, unforgiveness, …etc. He is telling you to come to Him as a little child (Matt. 18:2-5). Children have no regard for grandiose verbiage or thinking that they somehow have to put themselves together before coming to their daddy. Most of the time, they run with reckless abandon into their father’s arms because they can’t contain the excitement of seeing a familiar and safe face! This is the same way God desires you to come to Him. Bring your brokenness, your fears and failures, with honesty to the Lord. See how He responds! He’s not some Cosmic Dictator exacting judgment on you, as you may think! He cares for you and longs for you to hear the Good News of His Son, Jesus. Jesus paid the penalty for the sin that keeps you distant from God. He loves you and wants you to continue to put your trust and faith in Him through communing with Him in prayer.

This is exciting news! You get to bring your fears and failures, but also your joys and answers, in prayer to God Himself. Because of Jesus’ finished work on the cross, the wrath of God is satisfied and you have direct access to Him in all His splendor and goodness. This fact should thrill us to no end!

Here’s What You Need to Know About PRAYING With KM

You have an incredible opportunity! Not only do you have the ability to be before Him in love (Eph. 1:4), but you can be at the very forefront of a prayer ministry that is effecting change for Gospel-Transmission into Europe.

Maybe you feel like you don’t know how to pray. Let us help with that! Here at KM we want everything we do to be a matter for prayer. That is why we believe prayer ministry, including training in prayer, is both powerful and effective and a vital part of mission work. Getting as many people to pray with us as possible is central to what we’re doing in Europe and around the world. It just makes sense to help get you up to speed with your own prayer life. (That’s why we will be finding ways to help you pray, including very personal prayer, not just about mission work in Europe.)

But we do want you to pray for us! Whether it’s praying for things that go on around the KMUSA/EU offices or for our missionaries stationed in many parts of Europe, partnering with us in prayer meets a huge need. The Lord listens to those who earnestly seek Him. Your prayer support affects the Kingdom in ways that we can see and tell on a daily basis. You can be part of our prayer team and at the front lines of gospel-centered ministry!

Process- How to Get Involved

  1. Join our Public Prayer Team, which is open to everyone and committed to praying diligently for our missionaries and church plants all over Europe! We are convinced that plans and actions can ONLY succeed when they are first brought before the Lord in prayer. We need many of you to take this incredibly effective spiritual discipline of prayer to the highest level! Please partner with us and pray for the lost in Europe.

  2. Like us on Facebook! We have daily prayer requests that are accessible on our Facebook page…KontaktmissionUSA (no spaces). Please pray for these requests coming from our missionaries in real time!

  3. Let us hear from you! Tell us how we can pray for you personally. Let us pray with you through the process of making decisions (about mission service or other topics!) for your future, and seeking God’s wisdom to go where He calls you to go!


To start, for example, pray about these important topics…

  • Pray about your personal calling from the Lord to see if, when, and where He wants you to serve.

  • Pray that God would show you clearly which of the many amazing opportunities Kontaktmission offers to connect you to missions and ministries in Europe that fit you. (Being a prayer champion, taking a discovery trip, supporting a project or missionary, becoming a missionary, becoming a missionary mobilizer, etc.)

  • Pray for Kontaktmission and our ministry to 45 different countries, most of which are in Europe. We are expecting God to act in big ways for His Kingdom and the furtherance of the gospel!!! Partnering with us in prayer support is one of the most important and effective ways to seeing this process realized!

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