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We are the Saldi family- Greg, Nikki, and Ophelia. Our family has been serving as church planters in France since 2015. After eight years serving in the Central Region of the country, we recently moved to Fougères, Brittany to begin a new long-term work with a new church plant serving the city itself, and the rural region which surrounds it.
Greg grew up in Eastern North Carolina and Nicole in Western Maryland. We met during our studies at Roanoke Bible College (Now Mid-Atlantic Christian University) in Elizabeth City, NC.
Our goal is to fulfill God's calling: to take Him to every place on earth so that all people might know his love, grace, and power through Jesus Christ.
Greg Saldi

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Introducing Christ to France

France is home to 66+ Million people from many different walks of life and areas of the world. While it is a "melting pot" of sorts, it is also still very proud of its French identity. This puts the country at a crossroads between rational modern Europe and a diverse world.

While many people groups have faith foundations (varying from Islamic North Africa, Christian Eastern Europe, and Buddhist Southeast Asia) France as a nation is growing more and more secular, leaving its long historical connection to the Catholic Church.

Our goal is to, in many cases, introduce French nationals to Jesus for the first time and help to build healthy, locally lead churches, which will last for generations to come.


Support our ministry

While France is a very difficult place to plant seeds, we believe that those seeds are being planted thanks to much hard work. Your partnership with our ministry allows people to have the whole image of Jesus, not just an old often skewed one.

As we move to a new area, which has a drastic need for churches (around 80,000 people in the urban area with only 1 evangelical church), your generosity will allow our family and home to be a light for Jesus breaking through the darkness.

Our financial needs include visa requirements, schooling for Ophelia, and finding a house in our new city of service.

Prayer Needs

  1. Pray for our Move in 2023 to Fougeres
  2. Pray for Ophelia and her move to Middle School
  3. Pray for us to build Healthy Friendships
  4. Pray that those who we come in contact with would follow Christ.

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