peace, kiev, ukraine-7041597.jpgAs many of you know Ukraine is facing a very difficult time. Since February 24, 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine, death and separation from loved ones have become a ubiquitous reality for most, if not all Ukrainians.

Over 8 million Ukrainians have become refugees and another 5 million are considered internally displaced people. Because Kontaktmission is a networked mission movement, complete with already vetted front-line churches, we were able to react quickly and efficiently to the incredible needs of the Ukrainian people.

Our response is particularly interesting to believers because we were prepared to not only share humanitarian aid but also provide relief to the spiritual battles that all humanity faces.

Overnight our churches became places of refuge for tens of thousands of weary Ukrainians seeking peace, for the only source of peace is Christ Jesus. God has seen fit to use what the enemy intended for evil for good, as we have seen a revival sweep across the nation. Ukrainians inside the country and dispersed around the world have come to know Christ as their Savior. They were amazed to see how the church, which they once regarded as odd and unfamiliar, would value and love them so sacrificially. In short, Ukrainians came in contact with the love of Christ that dwells in those who he has loved so completely. While we cannot be thrilled with the atrocities wrought on the people of Ukraine, we praise God for how - before our very eyes - He once again has drawn people to Himself through the message of reconciliation with their Creator.


of all Europeans have no relationship with Jesus Christ.

Kontaktmission is a networked mission movement empowering Christians worldwide to live out their God-given callings, and sending them out for the building up of His church.

We've discovered that our "international idea" of connecting people and ministries opens doors for the gospel helps avoid common mistakes, and makes missions much more effective.

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