Q: How can I use social media as a missionary?

A:  First, share the gospel! This can be bible verses or sermons you have shared!  Second, use this as a platform to connect with supporters! Share experiences you’ve had in your country, challenges or prayer requests, and lots of pictures of your work! Third, create conversations! Encourage people to ask questions about your work and respond to them either in a comment or private message!

Q: What platforms should I use?

A: Common platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; however, you need to choose what is best for you! Figure out how much time you want to spend creating and sharing content and this will help you determine which platforms are best for you! If you’re still not sure, ask around and see what apps your friends or supporters are on!

Q: What should I post?

A: Pictures, graphics, videos, and blogs are great content to create! If you do not consider yourself a designer that’s okay! There are many free resources, like Canva, to help you create visual content! Make sure what you share tells your story and has a personal touch making it authentically yours! 

Q: Isn’t social media a bad thing?

A: No, not completely! Social media has helped us stay connected and make so many technological advancements. Social media isn’t perfect and there are a lot of negative side effects, however, to combat these you can contribute by sharing positive uplifting messages! 

Q: What about privacy? 

A: The best way to protect your privacy is to only share what you want to share. If it will put you in a dangerous situation do not share it online! You can also add privacy settings to your account, but if you choose to create a public page make sure you review before you hit post! 

Q: What if social media takes away my attention from the mission field? 

A: The best way to combat this is to set boundaries! Before starting to share, set up specific times you want to post, create, and read other content and stick to this plan! If you find yourself becoming more involved online than in person, take time to do social media fast. Jesus may not have done social media fasting, but he did teach us that fasting is important to building your relationship with God. So when you feel distracted online, take a break!

Q: What if I identify as technologically challenged?

A: If you identify as this,  YOU CAN STILL USE SOCIAL MEDIA! You will not become a social media influencer overnight, but all it takes is a lot of practice and trial and error. Do not be afraid to ask questions and find a member of your church or family to help you get started.


If you have more questions about social media contact Madison at madisonkontaktmission@gmail.com

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