I have been benefited by praying for others; for by making an errand to God for them I have gotten something for myself.

                                                                                                -Samuel Rutherford


Have you ever been told by someone with the greatest sincerity, “I’ll pray for you” only to, the very next moment, question if they really will pray for you? Why do we do this? Maybe you’re the one who is the well-meaning friend who says that you will pray for someone only to accidently put it out of your mind soon after your encounter. Why do we do this?


So let’s resign ourselves to pray for one another (Phil. 2:3-4; Jms. 5:16). I was fortunate enough to go to an incredible prayer conference in May of this year. We were given all kinds of fresh and different ways/models to pray to keep it interesting. One of the things we learned was a very simple acronym when praying with and/or for someone. The acronym is BLESS. Check it out:


B– Body          Pray for their physical body… (ie. strength and health)

L– Labor          Pray for their work. That they will work diligently with a good attitude.

E– Emotions    Pray for their emotional stability in life and any emotional pain they have.

S– Spiritual      Pray for the way they connect with the Lord through prayer and Bible study.

S– Social          Pray for their social interactions at work and in other relationships.

Pray that they have opportunities to share Christ with others.


Pretty great, huh?!?! Simple. Easy to remember. Direct enough to stop everything and pray with the person right then and there where you stand. As we develop a consistent life of prayer, praying for others becomes more natural. The greatest joy when selflessly praying for others is that we gain so much freedom in our spirit to connect more deeply with the Lord and in other relationships! Try this method yourself and shoot me an email letting me know how it went. I love hearing stories about how the Lord is working through our diligent prayers.




clay2Clayton J. Elliott

Pastoral Ministries and Prayer, Kontaktmission USA   (731) 217-1741


Here are some current KM prayer requests. The first prayer request comes to us from KM missionaries serving in Deinze, Belgium. “Tomorrow we will start an evangelistic outreach. Over the next two weeks we will in various ways invite people to think about questions of faith. Please pray that many people will respond and follow Jesus.”


Our second prayer request comes from a KM missionary team working in Kamnik, Slovenia. “During the first weeks of October we will be reaching out with a Bible marathon, concerts and evangelistic presentations. Please pray that people will be reached through these events and decide to follow Jesus.”

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