Work alongside KM’s international mission team in Korçë and surrounding villages. Experience an amazingly warm culture andVersion 2 new and established churches. You will join in weekly church activities that include kids ministry, women’s and men’s bible study and community development ministries. Your trip to Albania will give you a peek into what a missional life is like in a post-communist Islamic country.


Albania needs you

A primarily Muslim country (mostly nominal or non-practicing Muslims), Albania has over 3 million people. Though 25% may profess to be some variety of Christian, only 0.5% are practicing evangelicals. (1) Albania’s history plays a big part in the religious situation, because the country was under communist rule for over 40 years, ending in 1985. Under that communist IMG_0172dictator’s control, all religion was suppressed and no missionaries were allowed in the country. But now that the doors have been opened for missionaries and churches to be legal, there is a movement rising. The past 20 years have been growth years for the gospel, but it’s still a slower and more cautious growth because of Albania’s past. Kontaktmission is part of this new growth of believers in Albania. We have teams of foreign missionaries and national missionaries working in two different regions involved in planting new churches and other ministries.


Basic trip description: You’ll meet up with our missionary at the Tirana airport and travel by car or bus to the city of Korce. You’ll participate in worship services and events in a few different churches and church plants. You’ll experience what life is like in the city and in small towns, allowing you to experience different church planting methods. Our missionaries will give you insights into their “Business as Mission” efforts. Children’s ministry is important to our work in Version 2Albania, so you will participate in regular kids’ programs.


You will begin your trip at the Crash Weekend in Wüstenrot, Germany before traveling on to Albania. This weekend-long event is extremely unique because it is a cross-cultural experience itself, and it will prepare you for your short-term mission experience. From the CrashKurs you will travel to your host country and meet our missionaries to begin your GoConnect on-field experience!


Estimated cost: $1195 for a 14-day trip including the Crash Weekend in Germany. Each additional week is $250 per week. Then add in your airfare (current prices are about $1400 including the stop in Stuttgart, Germany for the Crash Weekend, then flying on to Albania) and insurance ($2-5/day).


For more information on setting up a GoConnect trip to Albania with Kontaktmission, please contact Emily Wright in our office at or call us at 731-784-9422. You can also request this trip online from the GoConnect page, and we will contact you.


(1) Operation World

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