Padercamp is a middle and high school English camp held each year in Paderborn, Germany. Teach YOUR kind of English (and do real evangelism!) in a fun and exciting camp setting. Padercamp has a huge appeal for the young people in the city of Paderborn, so it is a very effective tool for youth ministry here.


For the camp to run they NEED native English speakers; that means you! You’ll also get a taste for local ministry and see Germany through the missionary’s eyes. After the camp your team will tour Germany, “Following the footsteps of Luther”!


Padercamp background: Germany has always been known for its rich Church history and beautiful cathedrals, but if you take a look at the people now you will not find them in churches. Over the years, post-modernism has set in and people no longer trust in the teachings of the church. Germany now only has about 2% of the population who profess belief in Christ and are active in the church. This is a big problem, especially now, with so many refugees and the current enormous influx of other cultures into Germany. Another need area exists because local young believers who are becoming active do not know how to raise up their kids, because they are new to the faith. So this camp is a great way for the kids to get desperately important teaching and guidance in the gospel.


The English language is a fantastic tool for evangelism, and pretty much everyone you meet in Germany (and really in all of Europe) wants to be able to speak English well. The camp setting provides a comfortable, low-stress opportunity for these local kids to learn English from real native speakers (you!), all in a gospel-centered camp framework. Young people come to faith through this camp!


Date: The exact dates for 2017’s camp have not been announced yet, but we are expecting it to be in mid-July as it has been in the past. Watch this space for new information.


Estimated cost: $595 for a 14-day trip in Paderborn, including travel through Germany. Then add in your airfare (current prices are about $1400) and insurance ($2-5/day). Because the camp is later in the summer, this trip does not include the Crash Weekend.

You can easily combine this trip with another location or two to experience different ministries and mission methods.


Contact us through the website for up-to-the-minute information on the Padercamp’s dates and other specifics, or to put your name on the list to go. Be sure to check back here later for more information.


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