You’ve got a chance to make this trip really count – get creative! 


The great thing about our GoConnect trips is that they are completely customizable. Kontaktmission truly believes it is important for you to experience real mission work, and one of the best ways to do that is through short term trips. Combine 3 countries in one summer to learn a variety of ministries or spend 4 or 6 months serving in 1 country and really get to know the culture and ministry there. The options are truly endless, and because it’s Europe and all the countries are so close to each other, it’s easy and cheap to visit multiple places. Many of our tripsters and interns do this! You can do it, too!


IMG_0019How does it work?


We will begin planning your trip by talking with you about what types of ministries you’d like to be involved with, and if there are any particular countries/cultures on your heart. Then we’ll discuss the length of time you would like to spend for your whole trip and then in each place. These lengths of time can be 2 weeks or 2 months! We encourage these trips to begin in the early summer in conjunction with our Crash Weekend in Germany, but they can be planned most times of the year. In each location you choose to serve in you will be partnered with one of our international missionary teams and will be able to participate in their ministries.


Locations Include, but aren’t limited to:

Spain, Albania, Greece, Romania, France, Portugal, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Latvia, Austria, Lithuania, and more!


Estimated Trip Cost: Costs will vary depending on how long you stay and how many places you visit. We will discuss costs once we figure out locations and duration, but most 14-day trips start out at $1200 including the Crash Weekend, plus international airfare (current prices begin at about $1300). Kontaktmission also requires travel insurance, which runs from $2-5 per day, depending upon your trip specifics.


To start planning your trip, get in touch here!

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