Check-In w/ The Bales’

 Q: What has been going on in your ministry for the last 7 months?

A:  7 months ago, we started our support-raising journey for our family to plant a church in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Q: What exciting things do you have planned for your ministry in the next few months? 

A: In the next few months, even though we have been raising support for less than a year, we hope to be funded enough to leave for Edinburgh to begin the next chapter working with our fellow brothers and sisters there. 

Q: Do you have any stories about God showing up and making an impact in the community around you? 

A: God has shown up in many different ways while we have been on the road since the end of May. We visited our old friends who returned stateside that are missionaries in Japan. As we began speaking to them we realized we were all going through an almost exactly identical spiritual journey and time of healing as each other, and we instantly fell back into being family, even after being across the world from one another for 5 years. Others we visited were able to speak of some of the healing in our lives and encourage us in the gospel. We met with new people as well, challenging these others to remain mission-focused and Christ-centered. The kids have had a much-needed time of fun and rest. With each new community of people we visit, it seems God has orchestrated some things ahead of time for us to participate in to be a blessing to others but also be blessed ourselves. Many of the new people we’ve met have quickly become family and dear friends. Honestly, there are many stories we could tell, and now that I’m typing it out it’s difficult to choose which to share. 

Q: How can we pray for your ministry? 

A: I would pray that we continue to seek God in all things and at all times. That God would also go before us in our work to be done in Scotland and use us however he wants to reconcile people back to Himself. This includes our three precious girls! The conversation is ongoing with our middle child Jovie who is prayerfully considering baptism. 

Q: What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue ministry?

A:  I would say not to doubt the calling to ministry or His faithfulness. He has called all of us to be kingdom-minded and make disciples of/for Him. We are all called to deny ourselves, pick up our cross, and follow Him, and while that may be hard, it’s more rewarding than any other path. When you turn down this road there will be many doubts, anxieties, or distractions. All of these are weeds that need to be pulled… Which takes time, hard work, and grace. But God is good and is with you. 

Q: What if they want to come to your country?

A: Then have them reach out to us directly, and we would be happy to speak with them, pray with them, and help in any way we can. There is definitely a need in Scotland for more workers. We even have friends confide in us that they are feeling called to ministry and have asked them to prayerfully consider Scotland.

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