Here is an update from the Swains, who have been long-term missionaries for nearly 5 years in the Republic of Ireland! If you are someone considering becoming a long-term missionary, KMUSA wants to help you with this journey! One of the best steps to start this journey is to serve with current missionaries through a GoConnect Trip. We believe that one of the best ways to learn and prepare for a GoConnect Trip or long-term mission work is by hearing from other missionaries serving on the field. So here is a short message from the Swains…

Q: How long have you been in Ireland?

A: We have been in Ireland for close to 5 years. We moved here on February 1st, 2017.

What has been the biggest challenge? 

A: Honestly it’s hard to choose one biggest challenge. In a lot of ways, mission work and ministry is following the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and leading as you navigate challenge after challenge. With that said, if we had to choose one challenge, it would be the realization of how lost, apathetic, or unconcerned so many people are to faith, and subsequently the challenge of ministering and church planting in that context. 

What has been most rewarding? 

A: Just seeing God work. There have been so many times that we have just looked back and marveled at what God has done. Whether it was moving in the heart of someone, growing the church, or one of the numerous seemingly “coincidental” meetings or encounters with someone that led to them coming to faith or joining the church. Those are the moments that are most rewarding because we can look back and say, “Only God!” 

What encouragement do you have to tell the people considering being a missionary?

A: Do it! It is the hardest thing you will ever do, hands down. However, nothing in the world will ever compare to knowing that you are living on a mission and living called.

To learn more about long-term mission work or about how you can support the Swains’ ministry, check out! 

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