Our GoConnect trips, internships, CrashWeekend, and partner-sponsored overseas visits for Summer 2017 have all at least begun now, and they will be winding down over the next few weeks. Some of our tripsters have already returned, and they are saying things like:


It was amazing!

I’m more committed than ever to long-term missions!

I’m so glad I got to go to ___________. The other places I went were fantastic, too, but ___________ totally captured my heart!


As of today, we still have people traveling between countries, participating in internships, evangelizing at English camps, and checking out potential mission fields. Today, right now. Want to stop and pray for them right now? Please do!!

Each trip we set up for this year was individualized, which made for a huge job for our small US-based team. We also needed to coordinate closely with missionaries and other local leaders on the ground, who worked very hard with us to make each trip a success, and we’re so thankful for all of them and their work. Our office team also needed to set up a dizzyingly complex set of travel itineraries, keeping the limitations of our many young and inexperienced overseas travelers and our missionaries’ schedules in mind.


The BIG CHANGES we teased in the title above will help us serve even more tripsters and interns next year!

  • First, for the 2018 trip year, Keith Wilkins will be filling the role of GoConnect and internships director. He’s already been a huge part of this year’s trips, and as an experienced KM leader in many areas he’ll bring all the knowledge he’s acquired of Kontaktmission’s various fields to planning next year’s trips. He’ll be setting up lots of college and ministry visits this fall and early 2018 to find students and others who want to go, and to put together trip teams. Contact Keith directly at keith@GoKMUSA.org or call/text him at 417-825-3299. 
  • Speaking of Trip Teams, sending groups is something we’ll be doing lots more of. Want to put together a group trip for your school or church group? Get in touch with Keith about that as well!
  • Because we know it can be challenging (OK, scary hard!) to raise support for trips, we’ll be offering more and better support-raising training for all interns and tripsters!
  • Watch the website at GoKMUSA.org (click on GoConnect) for new trips and opportunities for 2018!

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