Whether you’re a college student looking for a summer internship, a recent graduate not sure where God is calling you to next, or someone who knows they’re called to the mission field and have for a while but not sure where to start, a GoConnect Trip is perfect for you. Each trip is custom designed to connect you to missionaries doing effective ministry in one or more locations across Europe. As no two trips are alike here is some insight from our recent tripsters…

Q: Where did you go on your GoConnect Trip?

A: I went to Dresden, Germany in 2018 and 2019.

Q: What did you do on your GoConnect Trip?

A: I worked with my fellow tripsters at Café Story in Dresden. This is a family café that was started by KM workers. We helped prepare the café for the day, make food, clean up, and spent time learning what it is like to do business as missions. When the café held their open mic, I was able to participate and sing a few songs! We were also able to visit the church the KM workers attended. This was especially interesting as it is a series of house churches that meet once a month all together in a dance school. We were able to experience both the house church atmosphere and the dance school church atmosphere. For fun, we took a day trip to Prague, Czechia to experience another country and culture. 

Q: What advice would you give to someone interested in going on a GoConnect Trip?

A: Just go. Every time I went on a trip with KM, I would always be anxious about my time in Germany. I would fear that I wouldn’t live up to the expectations of others or that it would be an overall bad experience. However, each time I was proved wrong. Each time I was supported by KM workers, and definitely learned more than I would have just stayed home. Give your fears to God and just go. You will not regret it, and it will move you more than you can imagine. 

Q: What was your next step?

A:  After my second time in Dresden, I decided to do a three-month internship with KM. I went to Paderborn, Germany. There I worked with a local church in their youth group and women’s group. I also spent three weeks working at a summer camp in various positions. Towards the end of my internship, I spent a few weeks visiting other missionary projects around Germany, learning what ministry looked like for them. Now I live in Paderborn with my husband. I work with Kontaktmission as well as at a local Christian kindergarten. We are involved in a local international church that we have recently become members of. Without my GoConnect trips and internship with KM, I would not be where I am today!

Are you ready to start planning your international trip to get plugged in with a ministry in Europe? To find out more information about our variety of trips available check out gokmusa.org

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