GoConnect Update: Benjamin Benhardt

Whether you’re a college student looking for a summer internship, a recent graduate not sure where God is calling you to next, or someone who knows they’re called to the mission field and have for a while but are not sure where to start, a GoConnect Trip is perfect for you. Each trip is custom designed to connect you to missionaries doing effective ministry in one or more locations across Europe. As no two trips are alike here is some insight from our recent tripsters…

Q: When did you go? Where did you go?

A: “I went to Pitesti, Romania in June 2022.”

Q: How did you connect with KMUSA?

A: “A friend from Ozark Christian College mentioned Kontaktmission USA, and I reached out over email.”

Q: What did you do on your trip?

A: “My team and I worked with a lot of the Ukrainian kids in the refugee camps. We helped in teaching English classes and played various sports and activities with the kids.”

Q: What’s one way you saw God move on your trip?

A:It was really awe-inspiring to see so many people on fire for God. I think in America, many, if not most Christians are rather nominal, they don’t deliberately cling on to God. I had the opportunity to witness families that had just lost their communities, homes, and country, still live on fire and on a mission for God.”

Q: What advice would you give to someone preparing to go on a GoConnect Trip?

A: Put in the time and effort to learn as much of the language (as possible) and a little about the culture before you go.”

Q: What are your next steps? How can we pray for you?

A:I’m considering pursuing some form of higher education in regards to various aspects of theology, church-planting, etc. Pray that God grants me wisdom and understanding and that He illuminates the path before me. I’m at a stage in which I feel like there are a lot of different opportunities, and while I would likely enjoy most of them, I don’t know yet what God is specifically calling me to.”

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