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Whether you’re a college student looking for a summer internship, a recent graduate not sure where God is calling you to next, or someone who knows they’re called to the mission field and have for a while but are not sure where to start, a GoConnect Trip is perfect for you. Each trip is custom designed to connect you to missionaries doing effective ministry in one or more locations across Europe. As no two trips are alike here is some insight from our recent tripsters…


Q: When did you go? Where did you go?

A: “I went to Pitesti, Romania in June 2022.”

Q: How did you connect with KMUSA?

A: “My pastor Dave Melin is a Kontaktmission missionary and he connected me with Jon Gainer, the director for Eastern European Expansion.”

Q: What did you do on your trip?

A: We spent our time at a Ukrainian refugee camp. We did a program for the kids with games, crafts, and English lessons. We also occasionally helped around the camp in the kitchen or working outside in various ways, but mostly we were there to build relationships and connect with the people.

On one of the days, I was sitting and coloring with a five-year-old boy. We were chatting about random things, and he was asking questions about life in the United States and whether or not my life there was good. Eventually, he innocently asked, “Is there war in America?” This question almost brought me to tears as it reminded me how privileged I am in comparison to this little boy and other Ukrainians. It is heartbreaking that this young boy’s reality is consumed by war. Already, the war had become his “norm” to the point where he assumed there was war maybe even in America. When talking with multiple different kids they all mentioned wanting to go home. They want to see their dad, their dog, and their friends, have their own bedroom again; whatever it may be. In English classes, we talked a lot about hopes and dreams for the future. Many of them only had one dream; to live in a free and peaceful Ukraine once again. I left the camp feeling a deep appreciation for God’s blessings in my life that I often take for granted; life in a peaceful country, access to as much food as I need, having my own room, seeing my dad and brother as much as I want etc. It is amazing to me how these people find joy during a horrible situation and a good reminder to me that the joy of Christ overcomes any hardship or evil this world can bring.”

Q: What’s one way you saw God move on your trip?

A:At the church service we did for the camp, one of the ladies at the camp stood up before taking communion to confess a personal sin before the church and God and she vowed to give that sin up to God and turn away from it. For me, it was a good reminder of the proper heart posture in taking communion; that we need to confess any sins and take whatever steps are needed in asking forgiveness of others in addition to God beforehand. ”

Q: What advice would you give to someone preparing to go on a GoConnect Trip?

A: Pray and spend a lot of time in God’s word and be willing and prepared to submit to God during the trip knowing that He has a plan and the trip may go a bit differently than what you had planned.”

Q: What are your next steps? How can we pray for you?

A:I will be attending some conferences, speaking with a variety of mission organizations and missionaries, working part-time, and praying and thinking about what God wants me to do. Please pray for wisdom and guidance as I discern what to do next.”

Are you ready to start planning your international trip to get plugged in with a ministry in Europe? To find out more information about our variety of trips available check out gokmusa.org


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