GoConnect Update: Talitha Kopp

Whether you’re a college student looking for a summer internship, a recent graduate not sure where God is calling you to next, or someone who knows they’re called to the mission field and have for a while but are not sure where to start, a GoConnect Trip is perfect for you. Each trip is custom designed to connect you to missionaries doing effective ministry in one or more locations across Europe. As no two trips are alike here is some insight from our recent tripsters…

Q: When did you go? Where did you go?

A: “I went to Pitesti, Romania in June 2022.”

Q: How did you connect with KMUSA?

A: “I met Jon on a trip I took to Ukraine with READ ministries a little over six years ago. I’ve been in contact with a pastor in Kremenchuk off and on since then and I saw him at an event last November and discussed opportunities for serving in Ukraine. He suggested I get in contact with Jon at KontaktMission and things just seemed to take off from there.”

Q: What did you do on your trip?

A: “I worked with my team doing outreach to a refugee camp. We did a combination of running English classes for the youth there, running activity groups, helping out around the camp with odd jobs, and helping in the kitchen to prepare food. I also had the opportunity to learn how to make several traditional Ukrainian dishes which was so incredibly fun and educational!

One of my favorite moments on this trip was while saying goodbye to everyone at the camp. One of the women who had been pretty heavily involved with the craft time I was working on organizing and had taught several traditional skills including vyshyvanka(traditional embroidery) and varenyky(a kind of filled dumpling) while our team was there. She is from Odesa and we had talked about my visit there when I traveled in Ukraine. As we said our goodbyes (and cried at the parting) she gave me a huge hug and told me that when the war is over and she returns to Odesa, she is going to rebuild her house and invite me to make traditional foods with her and drink tea and talk! Such a blessing to have made a connection that will hopefully turn into a long-term friendship!!”

Q: What’s one way you saw God move on your trip?

A:I ended up working with a young girl who was pretty bitter and so reluctant to engage, she really seemed to be dealing with a lot of anger and wasn’t connecting. I kept showing up and being there for her, engaging when possible, and at the end of our time there, she held on to me and kept telling me she loved me and would miss me. I really saw His hand working in her life, and felt so blessed to be a part of her life even for a little while!” 

Q: What advice would you give to someone preparing to go on a GoConnect Trip?

A: “Be prepared to set aside every assumption and idea about the people you are there to work with. Be ready and willing to jump in and help out with anything, and be open to trying new things and seeing things from different perspectives! And have fun! These trips might not be meant for vacationing and finding fun and entertaining things to do, but fun can be found even in learning something new, and serving in what God has called you to!”



Q: What are your next steps? How can we pray for you?

A: My immediate future plans include completing my LPCC licensure and continuing to learn Ukrainian. During and after that, I’ll be looking for God’s open doors with a glad heart and ready feet! I would appreciate prayer for the continued focus on the long haul, especially given the war and turmoil in Ukraine currently. 




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