Engage with local kids and serve with a very international team on a beautiful horse camp in the middle of the forest in Latvia. This camp has all the activities one hopes for in a summer camp, plus horseback riding! Serve the camp by leading activities, helping in the mess hall and in bible study and worship time.


The Ganchauskas camp facility is an amazing outreach location for the churches in Latvia. Each camp held there is a time for the kids and youth to get an extensive time of worship, fellowship and teaching centered around Christ and the gospel. Your part will be in helping the camp run so the ministry leaders in Latvia can focus on leading and ministering to the kids.Ganchauskas p18



Latvia is a small country, relatively unknown for most Americans, but it is full of rich culture, beautiful places and even better people. There is a history of Soviet communism in Latvia, and they have only recently gained their freedom and membership in the European Union, so this very Christian camp has a huge impact in the church culture of Latvia. The church is relatively young and believers are young but enthusiastic. The different camps that are held at this great facility are a great way to draw in kids from rural places that may not have easy access to a church. Without a doubt, this camp is vital to many ministries in Latvia, and they need you to help with their programs next summer.


If you want to serve God and people and have an impact this summer, Ganchauskas is the place for you. Help the camp run well, so kids can hear about Jesus! 

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You will begin your trip at the Crash Weekend in Germany (see description here). This weekend- long event is extremely unique because it is a cross-cultural experience, and it prepares you for your short term mission experience. From the CrashKurs you will travel to your host country and meet our missionaries to begin your GoConnect adventure!


Estimated Cost: Starting at $750 for a 10-day trip including the Crash Weekend in Germany. Then add in your airfare (current prices are about $1400) and insurance ($2-5/day). To serve more than 1 week of camp additional $150 per week.


IMPORTANT: One special requirement is that there are at least two English speaking helpers (not just one). So this is a great camp service opportunity for you and one or two friends!

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