”Every step in the progress of missions is directly traceable to prayer.”

-Arthur Tappan Pierson

“We can reach our world, if we will. The greatest lack today is not people or funds. The greatest need is prayer.”

-Wesley L. Duewel

     We have programs in place. We go to conferences. We read copious amounts of articles on the subject. Books have been written and widely distributed. We have colleges devoted to the subject of missions…it can be the emphasis of study for a college student. And prayer is what can fuel all of that with fire.

Now consider this startling statistic! There are now over 733 million, YES I said million, people living in European countries who are unreached with the gospel. There are entire places in Portugal with no Bible-believing evangelical churches to speak of…which means whole people groups that are lost, destined for an eternity without Christ! This is Europe, where most everyone’s monetary needs and wants are met. But they still lack the most important thing in life, the gospel!

So we have the awesome opportunity to storm the gates of heaven about this! What an amazing privilege to intercede for the lives of those who need God’s transforming power. Do something real and tangible about this, TODAY! PRAY!!


Clayton J. Elliott
Pastoral Ministries and Prayer, Kontaktmission USA clay@GoKMUSA.org (731) 217-1741


Please be in prayer for KM missionary Aniel Naste who works in Romania. “We will be taking a preaching team on an outreach to Moldova. There we will meet with workers from Pohrebeni and the surrounding area. Please pray that we may encourage the workers in this area. We thank God that, thanks to donations from other countries, we are able to supply firewood to families in this area this year!

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