This camp is held on a Bible College campus in a beautiful area of far western Germany. Use YOUR English (and do real evangelism) in a fun and exciting camp setting. Just like regular summer camp in the U.S., with water fights, sports, creative workshops, and games, which you’ll help organize. This English Camp has a big appeal for the young people in Germany to practice their English with native speakers.


That fact makes a camp like this a very effective tool for youth ministry there. Because of the workshops, worship time, preaching sessions and small group time there is a lot of time for kids to hear the gospel and spend time with you. But for the camp to run they NEED English speakers to provide games and other programming, and of course conversation in English …and that means YOU!

NeuesLeben EngCamp

What makes these camps special is that each year we have a team of North Americans who come to participate in our camps. The German young people are excited to get to know people from other countries.


In 2004 we started out with 20 campers and the Lord has continually blessed us and many campers decided to follow Jesus during these camps. Last year we had over 200 campers. The international teams – usually from, but not limited to, North-America – play a key role,  for it is them who make these camps so attractive for the teens.


Check out some videos from previous English Camps on youtube:


Germany has always been known for rich Church history and beautiful cathedrals, but if you look at the people now you will not find them in those churches. Over the years, post-modernism and post-Christianity have set in, and people no longer trust in the teachings or the bureaucracy of the organized “state church.” In fact, many Germans have even become very atheistic. Germany now has only about 2-3% of the population who profess belief in Christ and are active in a Bible-believing church. This is a big problem, especially now, with so many refugees and such an influx of other cultures living in Germany.


Another issue is that the believers who are active do not always know how to raise up their kids in the faith, mainly because the parents themselves are new believers. This camp provides a great way for the kids to get extra teaching and guidance in the gospel.


Serve for one week or two, but come over and be part of sharing the gospel with teenagers in Germany, and see how God uses you!


Estimated Cost: $395 plus airfare (current prices are about $1400) and insurance ($2-5/day). Note that this trip does not include the Crash Weekend because it begins in July. However, it is possible to combine this trip with another location to experience different ministries and mission methods like in a church plant setting rather than camp. If you wish to begin with the Crash Weekend at the end of May and add another location before serving at this camp, we can make that happen!


For more information on participating in the Neues Leben English Camp as a helper with Kontaktmission for summer 2018, please contact Keith Wilkins in our office at or call us at 417.825.3299.

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