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Prayer Thought: ‘Cause Ya Gotta Have Faith, F-Faith, F-Faith- Part 1

“The faith which creates powerful praying is the faith which centres itself on a powerful Person. Faith in Christ’s ability to do and to do greatly, is the faith which prays greatly.”

-E.M. Bounds

I have a question for all of us to consider: Are faith and prayer related in any way? Assuming the answer to that question is YES, they are related, then I have a follow up question. What happens to prayer in our lives if we struggle at times with faith-lessness?

Sin lies at the root of faith-lessness. When I sin, my faith takes a hit; sin is the great rift between God and man. Therefore, as sin distances me from intimacy with God, faith-lessness causes my life of prayer to weaken. If my soul tarries too long here, doubt comes to ravage what’s left of my belief that as I pray, I will receive what I ask for. No wonder I am called upon to hate sin above all else!

So as we aspire to a life of prayer we need to pray as the Lord prayed for Peter’s faith never to wane…to stay firmly rooted (Lk. 22:31-32). May our faith be established by an unbreakable bond to the cross, where Christ struck the decisive fatal blow to our sin and unbelief. Every doubt…every shameful act…every legalistic lie…now covered with the precious blood of Christ. Oh, how amazing it is to now pray with a heart freed from sin, shame, and faithlessness! Grace, grace, God’s grace. Grace that will pardon and cleanse within. Grace, grace, God’s grace. Grace that is greater than all my sin! 

Prayer Action:

Father, thank You that, in Christ, I have freedom to come to You…no strings attached. When I have seasons of doubt and faithlessness, You remain faithful. Thank You that You don’t give up on me! Ame





Clayton J. Elliott, Kontaktmission USA
Director of Pastoral Ministries and Prayer


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