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Prayer Thought: Daily in His Presence

“Those persons who know the deep peace of God, the unfathomable peace that passeth all understanding, are always men and women of much prayer.”  –R.A. Torrey

Do you know God? I mean REALLY know Him? The best way to truly know God is to be in His presence daily! How do you do that? By being before Him in prayer. If you honestly desire to grow in your intimacy with your Heavenly Father, the most effective way to do so is on your knees in conversation with Him!

Prayer Action:

  1. Pray and ask God to reveal to you how to know Him and develop a close intimacy with Him.
  2. Ask God to show you what sin/sins you need to rightly deal with in order to draw closer to Him.Blessings,




    Clayton J. Elliott, Kontaktmission USA
    Director of Pastoral Ministries and Prayer


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