Prayer Thought: Praying through a Worship Song or Hymn

“He who sings, prays twice!” (Anonymous)

We all understand that the entire book of Psalms is a Song Book of worship and hymns to, for, and from God. And I think we have a great opportunity to express some of these very things in our praying. Praying through a Psalm is a wonderful way to get your heart set to worship for the remainder of a day. So, I would be remiss if I didn’t encourage us first to go to Scripture.

But I also think we have some amazing worship songs and hymns in our present day that we can pray through. of course, choose wisely. There are some that have better theology and describe the Lord better than others. The joys of doing this kind of praying through song is exciting to me. Not only do we get to know more of the character of God and praise Him through that, we also get to feel the music, to experience the music, to be drawn in to a number of the senses that God Himself created. Let me show you what I mean…

“Over time You’ve healed so much in me, and I am living proof; that although my darkest hour had come Your light could still shine through. And though at times it’s just enough to cast a shadow on the wall, well I am grateful that you shine Your light on me at all. Who am I that you would love me so gently? Who am I that you would recognize my name? Lord, who am I that You would speak to me so softly. Conversation with the Love Most High, who am I (Who Am I; lyrics and music by Watermark).”

So, here’s how I have prayed through this song: Father, thank You that You have healed me even in my darkest hour, even in my darkest periods of time. It’s been and continues to be a process, but I’m so thankful that You never left me alone to suffer or go through trials on my own. It brings me so much joy to know and experience Your presence not only in the dark times, but also in the times where I see just how blessed I am. I confess that I feel unworthy so often. Sometimes guilt seizes my heart and I forget that I was bought by the precious blood of Your Son, Jesus. Please help me remember that You have called me by name, You’ve called me Yours. And no one or no THING will ever change that! Thank You for speaking to me through Your Word, through others, and through this song. I pray that I continually renew my heart and mind and focus on You for all of my strength. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen!

Simple, easy, direct praying to the Heavenly Father who cares for you and me.

Prayer Action:

Choose your own song, worship song, or hymn and listen to it at least 3 times this week. Each time you listen, spend some time praying through the lyrics of the song. If it’s a song of praise, rejoice and be thankful. If it’s a bit heavier than that, pray through the difficult and then always come back to rejoicing at the end. This is an interesting little exercise that you can incorporate into your daily routine of devotions or set aside a brief few minutes separately. And, who knows, you might even be compelled to give this as homework to others that you get to talk to this week…that would be awesome!






Clayton J. Elliott, Kontaktmission USA
Director of Pastoral Ministries and Prayer

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