Prayer Thought: What’s in You?

This is a great quote from C.S. Lewis, “Pray what is in you, not what SHOULD be in you!” I think that speaks for itself, but I have a couple thoughts. Right now, here at Kontaktmission, we have a lot of folks who have been doing missions ministry and also those who we have “onboarded” in recent weeks and months. All of this while still dealing with the difficulties of the pandemic, racial unrest, political banter, and close-mindedness due to “exvangelicals” and “deconstructing” one’s faith. We have missionaries who have suffered loss, staff who have suffered loss through this time. Yet, through every last one of these things, the Lord Jesus beckons us to come just as we are…as filthy rags: in sorrow or rejoicing, in trials or blessings, in persecutions or not giving way to fear. We MUST understand this thought that Lewis articulated or we will become lost in only what is happening today in our circumstances. 

This is not to say we shouldn’t pray about present situations; our Lord AND Lewis says as much. But we must come to him as we are; broken, worn down, grieving, or rejoicing, blessing others, knowing grace is ours today. All of these are true for us…TODAY. We need to realize that these things are ok. We haven’t yet arrived in this world. The Lord is still molding and shaping us (Phil. 1:6). The Clay Elliott of today, prayerfully, will NOT look like the Clay Elliott 15 years, 15 months, 15 weeks, or even 15 days from now. Hopefully, you guys will REALLY want to meet that guy, cause he’s not gonna be the same guy as the one you know today. We have been asked to pray what is on our hearts and minds openly and honestly, right now!

Prayer Action:

I interpret the song Rise Up by Andra Day a bit different than the rest of the world, I think. So, I know this may sound weird, but this week look up the lyrics to this song. Understand it from the vantage point of a Christian perspective, being broken down and tired of living life on a merry-go-round. Yet we will rise up because of who Christ has made us to be and with no shame come to Him in prayer just as we are. Pray in this way this week and praise the Lord that you have the opportunity to come to Him unencumbered. Hopefully no one now thinks I’m a heretic for picking a secular song








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