Experience KM’s dynamic Romania ministry through the exciting fast-paced summer activities of the believers and churches. The summer holds many opportunities to reach out to the youth in Romania and teach them about Christ.


RomaniaService2 Nov2015Participate in church activities on the weekend and help lead exciting camps during the week. You will travel to multiple villages during the weekend and experience different prayer, worship and preaching services. During the week you will help the church leaders with kids and youth VBS style camps. You will have the chance serve alongside the church in their benevolence efforts as well.


Romania is often overlooked by American believers, and many people don’t realize the true beauty of its people and places. The country itself is beautiful,TashaRO and the people are amazing, especially considering the poverty that still exists in the country. They are a very welcoming and hospitable culture. There is a long history of Orthodox traditions and strongholds brought over from superstition that are major factors in the slow growth of evangelical communities.


Even though raw statistics show there is about a 5% bible-believing population, the churches are not spread evenly throughout the country, and many are not thriving. The north is much more evangelical, and in the south the church growth has been slow. Another factor is the multiple people groups living in Romania, each with their own religious and cultural beliefs. The variety makes it difficult to reach everyone well.


Come and see for yourself the beauty of the people in Romania and participate in active ministry that is happening all summer long all over Romania!


You will begin your trip at the Crash Weekend. This weekend long event is extremely unique because it is a cross-cultural experience itself and prepare you for your short term mission experience. From the CrashKurs you will travel to your host country and meet our missionaries to begin your GoConnect adventure!


Estimated Cost: $1150 for a 14-day trip including the Crash Weekend in Germany. Then add in your airfare (current prices are about $1400) and insurance ($2-5/day)


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