As soon as you pick up a phone, laptop, or simply look over your friend’s shoulder as they show you a viral video, you are connected. You can log in to any social media network and connect with people who live 7 miles or 7,000 miles away just by having a username and password. So, if theoretically we are connected to everyone, why wouldn’t we use this platform to spread the message of Jesus Christ? 

Hi, I’m Madison, and, along with several of the staff and missionaries, I get to serve as the creator behind a lot of the content you see on KMUSA social media pages. I have had an amazing opportunity over the last year to learn more about Kontaktmission, meet many of our amazing missionaries, and create the content you read and share; however, it would not have been possible without social media. When I found KMUSA they were looking for a social media intern and this was a perfect opportunity to use my talents and degree in communications! Now, you may be thinking “Madison, I do not have a degree in communication… I am not qualified to create content for social media.” My answer to this is, YES YOU ARE QUALIFIED! Nothing is stopping you from using social media to spread the gospel except yourself, and today I am going to share my experience using social media to spread the gospel.

First, let’s define what social media is. It is any online platform that allows for interactions with others. The most common ones include Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and TikTok, but there are so many more! KMUSA is currently active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube (don’t forget to follow us!). Now that we know what social media is, let’s look at what we can use social media for. The best uses include reading content, sharing content, and creating conversations. Social media allows us to be connected to others. This means we can talk with people all over the world whenever we want. But, even if they do not start a conversation with us, we still know people are seeing and reading our content, which is why it is important for us to continue to share!

For KMUSA I produce three main types of content: informational posts, stories, and opportunities. With our informational content, we focus on sharing bible verses, who KMUSA is, and answering questions about what mission work is and why we send missionaries to Europe. With our storytelling content, we focus on sharing updates about our current missionaries and how they got involved with KMUSA. With our opportunities content, we want to help our followers and friends understand the best way to partner with KMUSA, whether that is by donating or going on a mission trip. Our three main types of content are made specifically for readers like you, so let’s talk about your role.

This section is for KMUSA Senders (supporters, donors, the people who make mission work happen). Your role for social media and mission work is to learn and share. You can use social media to learn more about the missionaries you are supporting by reading content posted by them or us! You can use it to become more informed about mission work from a biblical standpoint. But most importantly, you can share the content you see to reach more people than KMUSA could ever reach alone. We need you to read and share content to help us find new missionaries who are ready to be sent and more supporters who may not feel like they are called to travel to Europe, but who want to support mission work! You play a huge role in mission work, both in-person and online!

This section is for KMUSA Missionaries. Your role on social media is the same as the sender in many ways, except we want to challenge you to not only share what KMUSA publishes, but also to

share what is happening in the country you are in! Write posts about new churches being planted or new church members being baptized. Share pictures of the new experiences and challenges you are facing. Create conversations in the comment sections and talk with your supporters and home base! There is no qualification you must meet to share online, so as we send you to share in person, we want you to share online as well!

As our world adapts and progresses to more interaction online we must not only send our missionaries across the ocean, but across the internet. As senders, you play a vital role in sharing and connecting with missionaries. As missionaries, you play a vital role in creating the content and starting the conversations online. As Christians in a world where social media voices are not always dominantly Christian, we must send the good news online, plant the seed of mission work in our followers, and multiply disciples.  

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