Why Missions in Europe in 2023?

In the past, the reasons for doing mission work in any country around the world were mostly based on the huge needs of the people in that country. Something like this:

  • If there was a huge humanitarian need, the Christians’ response would be to send missionaries to meet that need, and they would also take the gospel with them.
  • If there was not much humanitarian need, the interest level for doing missions there was lower, but the need for the gospel or churches there might be enough to get a few missionaries to go to that country. This describes the way missions has been pursued in Europe. The people weren’t so needy there, so there wasn’t much mission work.

But we want to encourage you to see the reasons for European missions differently, the way Kontaktmission sees them.

  • Sure, there’s some humanitarian need in some countries around Europe, so yes, let’s help out with those! And let’s be sure to use the human interactions in those places as opportunities for the gospel. Examples would be the many refugees and displaced people in and around Ukraine… they need help now, and they need to hear the gospel so badly!
  • Europe is still, by far, the least Christian continent in terms of real believers and strong churches. That’s still a good reason to go, right?
  • But also… Look at ALL the open doors that already exist for the gospel, including small churches in need of help and encouragement. We want to go through those open doors now, using the existing network of Christians. Other open doors include doing business as missions in W. Europe, where there’s always interest in good businesses.
  • And also… Look at ALL the various major events, crises, and changes in Europe as brand NEW opportunities for the gospel and churches. Hurting, confused, and disenchanted people tend to be on the hunt for new sources of hope like the gospel provides. Think back to the example of the Russia-Ukraine crisis for a moment… it’s affecting the emotions and the thinking of people all over Europe, and the presence of refugees changes local dynamics all across Europe, too. There’s room for the gospel in those situations, and Europe seems to experience lots of crises.
  • Finally… Missions is always important, because the Lord always wants it!

There’s so much opportunity (= so many open doors) for the gospel in Europe NOW, beyond just the humanitarian needs of needy people! And we take the gospel to Europe because our Lord Jesus wants us to and told us to. We think European missions is important right now, always. Please, join in with what Kontaktmission is doing in Europe!

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